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Reference Number: 484


Supervisor: Gavrilou Evelyn

Reference Number: 521


    Improving the conditions of comfort with all parameters including, but particularly in the field of acoustics, with the implementation of a single spatial intervention is the central focus of this thesis. The open plan classroom on the loft of the Postgraduate Department in the School of Architecture University of Thessaly is the main area of study and processing, where the earlier research paper entitled "Acoustic / Parametric / Origamic Design for Open Plan Spaces" applies and synthetically evolves through a sense of ‘apodyopsis’ of space from its problematic conditions (sound, lighting, heating, cooling, etc.).The roof panel and the freestanding smaller subdivisions were initiated in the context of folds and parametric design to shape its final form and function, with key piece the composition of the parametric tool involving the entire realization process of the design concept, from morphology to materiality and control of construction.Dealing with each problem separately, adjusting the object in space, improving the existing conditions with simple and feasible structures as regards morphology/design and construction are elements that in themselves attempted to shape the model and simultaneously evaluate it for its usefulness and effectiveness, using the appropriate tools and digital programs. At the same time, the whole project is complemented by a proposal for prototyping of the idea as a parameter for further development of a specialized design proposal, which is accompanied by the corresponding parametric tool with all the production stages of the model and follows the same perspective and objectives in an even more simplified version.

Supervisor: Vyzoviti Sophia

Reference Number: 503


In our space of interest, wooden cabins are placed there and, in their majority, they are organized in neighborhoods. Also, in the space of tents, there are imprints in the ground so as to avoid the anarchist placement of tents. Two mini markets are also there. The first one serves, mainly, the users of camping while the other is found in the entry and it can serve the simple visitors of camp. Four toilets are placed in vital points so as to be easily accessible from any point in the camping. At the same time, the restaurant has been designed in order to cover the needs of the majority of the campers. The existence of coastal forehead imposes the planning of an open bar.  The planning of an amphitheatrically space encourages the organization of concerts and theatrical presentations not only exclusively for the users of camp but also the wider region while the capacity exceeds the forecasted number of campers.  At the entry of camping, there is a space for the lifeguard as well as first aids for the needs of camping. Finally, all these are connected with a way which begins from some platforms in front of the amphitheater and leads to the cabins, to barbecue space and to playground. There is also parking for cars.

Supervisors: Gavrilou Evelyn, Philippitzis Dimitris

Reference Number: 527


The subject of this thesis project is the regeneration of Pier I in the port of Volos. The territory of the pier, as a complex field of transformation forces, is newly shaped to receive a variety of settings and programs. With main intention the completion of a united seafront, a new ground is introduced that rises 10 meters introducing a new artificial pier. The old ground receives the functions of a transition station that gathers all the vital public transport (cabotage, cruise, seaplane, buses) both for the people of Volos and for the further development of tourism. By this way the horizontal surface of the pier is understood as a kind of urban infrastructure, which functions as the substrate of all organizational systems and operations introduced. The elevated ground, organizes sections of recreational activities, providing a new public space and achieving different spatial and visual connections with the city. Finally, the preservation and reuse of the Silo building as a hotel unit is a key feature of the proposal, as it consists a reference point not only of Pier I but of the entire city of Volos, electing it as the imposing landmark that reveals the origins of the industrial city at the edge.

Supervisor: Gavrilou Evelyn

Reference Number: 520


In this diploma thesis we propose the creation of three building blocks in order to upgrade the National Marine Park of Northern Sporades. More specifically we design a Maritime Knowledge Centre and a Centre for Marine Research at the island of Peristera and the proposal of a hotel unit that meets the requirements for hosting the visitors in that area.

The aim of the Centre for Maritime knowledge is to inform and educate on issues concerning the marine environment, causing the respect and solidarity with the unique Mediterranean world and inspire children and adults to sensitize and mobilize on issues relating to healthy future of the marine environment and to organize various training programs and seminars to cause new stimuli to the public for improvement of the education.

The aim of the Centre for Marine Research is a scientific and technological research of marine biology, the development of new friendly environmental technology with the purpose of exploring the aquatic world, optimizing the efficiency of aquaculture and the quality of the products as well as organizing activities for better understanding, modeling and predicting the functions of aquatic systems and changes due to anthropogenic activities.

Supervisor: Papadopoulos Lois

Reference Number: 494


In light of the dynamics that can acquire a game as a symbol of culture which brings targeted messages and intentions, could, properly configured, to act as a mechanism of perception, critiquing and changing society .

Initially, through the involvement and empirical study of different games and relevant bibliography on how to operate and grow our societies today and in the past, and through exploring different proposals, in the form of utopian models, detect and collect those concepts that need to integrate later in the process and eventually the game itself, which is the final product of this work.

Then the aforementioned concepts, formed the basis to create and edit a series of experimentations, in diagrammatic form, soundscapes, fairytales and  gamesand eventually merge  them, in order to create the final game.

Seven units with hexagonal base, carry a piece of the conceptual background , not only in form but also in the way they relate to each other. Then, the are enriched by the rules of the game intending to cooperation and continuous rotation of players to different roles.

Finally, the introduction of the three scenarios completes intention, amplifing theparticipation of the player, not only in the game process, but  the construction as well.

Supervisors: Gavrilou Evelyn, Lykourioti Iris

Reference Number: 495


T.E.F.K. House






T.E.F.K. Houseis a house about 20 m² designed to accommodate a single person or a couple­­. By combining kinetic and folding architecture, the moving walls are used as house equipment storage and the free space can have multiple uses.

The necessary conditions for the user and the house to function are its own initials. Being tidy, energetic and not passive user, kinetic, moving, flowing in the free space of T.E.F.K. House.

By storing all objects in the moving units-modules you can have the experience of a whole residence in just one room.

Solid elements are the kitchen and the bathroom. The dining room, bedroom and wardrobe are movable.

Supervisor: Paniyiris Costis

Reference Number: 511