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Sited in the north-est point of the abandoned FIX brewery the subject involves the development of a multimedia center.

The main concept is to superimpose several non-material aspects of the area that defines the site, (digital traces, motion flows, sound waves), seeking an elusive form. Although through this procedure matter bends itself and world axis is dislocated, the final product inevitably will be submitted to rational structure and use.

The building is divided into two elements: the lobby and the Data tower hall. The transition between those elements is not restrained; their segregation though is noticeable through the curvature of the exterior shell.
The lobby introduces an open-space trajectory with main feature the escalation of public character. Data tower hall serves as container to a private space and occupies the majority of the building’s volume.
The external façade is matched on the inside with an helix shaped corridor that stretches across the floor, forming an atrium through which natural light penetrates the building.

Supervisor: Papadopoulos Spiros

Reference Number: 153


Supervisor: Papadopoulos Spiros

Reference Number: 148


The thesis degree ‘ a building for the water ’ refers to a combination of bathing and spaces of amusement , which have as a central element the water . The design of this spatial combination is influenced by the micro-landscape of the region (the building is being located in Loutra Edipsou) and also by the tradition of centuries in thermal baths, as they are applied in the region.
The spaces are designed around the basic element, the water, (the center of the building is a pool) and inside it , as the ‘ building ’ is situated in the sea , only few meters from the coast . The second important element, as far as it concerns the synthesis, is the movement inside the building.
As long as the movement of the visitor is being concerned, his physical transportation from one point to another , the ‘ journey ’ begins from the land , from the route of the passenger up until the point were the building inside the water is totally visible , there is pointed the entrance of the ‘ building ’ . There begins the journey. The visitor gets aboard in small boats and makes a small route in the sea until he reaches the building . Since that point the route he will make inside the ‘building’ depends on the spaces he wants to visit and the treatments he wants to submit. Generally the inner movement of the ‘building’ follows the design and it could be characterized as perimetric, this does not stop the linear and straight connection of the spaces with similar usage, which has been considered in the design.
This building lodges all the bathing treatments and activities that can be applied based on the curing attributes of the water that spring in the area. Some of them are procedures taking place at a bath tub, treatments with smooth rain, electrotherapy and a variety of treatments that are implicated in the general idea of spa therapy and the procedures of wellness, like Turkish Bath, body massage, a gym but also and a unique resting area.
Also, are gathered some usages which concerns the general field of amusement, the majority of these usages are more spiritual than physical, like the exhibition hall, the aquarium, the observatories also a restaurant and a bar.
For us, the design of a SPA is an effort for the creation of a modern center for a physical and spiritual wellness, targeting the attraction of young persons in this field, the continuation and the reestablishment of SPA following the modern ways.

Supervisor: Stylidis Iordanis

Reference Number: 120


   The purpose of this thesis is the transfer of some functions of the dwelling out of its borders, either of choice or in case of an emergency. In Greece it is common fact that a lot of functions are restricted inside the dwelling, whereas with some simple infrastructures could be transferred to its exterior.
   Moreover, our country is sited on an earthquake zone for this reason is the prevention of a future disaster important. The necessity of the designing has become more intense since the Athens earthquake on September 1999.
   The construction proposed has dual usage, as park furnishing attracts the dwellers to transfer functions outside of the house, such as cooking, while with the addition of casing is converted to an emergency house as a short-term medium for the relief of the victims.

Supervisor: Antonas Aristide

Reference Number: 142


The subject of this diplomatic work is the creation of factory bottled drinks in New Ionia. The objective of this creation is a desire to make a building where the attendance and the entanglement of public are more feasible in this via different uses.

For this reason a plot in New Ionia of Volos was selected, which is found in a region where there are lots of citizens and concretely in point where public is assembled round this. Aim, is the creation of metal skeleton in the building.

Basic idea is the creation of areas with different openings, intense linearity and uneasy forms in the roof with changeable bents, in an effort of search for natural lighting in the building with the parallel juxtaposition of the small and large scale. The alternation of bents is immediately influenced from the experimentation of structural systems. The operation of the factory is to a large extent limited, which results in the incompletion of flows of movements of personnel and public.

We are experimenting with different diagrams of movement and arrangement and we seek for a functionalise provision, in order to have a direct intervention in the aesthetic result of volume of building and in the planning of structure.

The building is characterized by intense linearity and a game in the roof with horizontal areas or intense bent, providing natural lighting in the building. The large scale of building comes contrary to the small volumes of different operations. Two of these boxes are offices and they are part of the building, while the other two are cores of attraction for the public. The one is a day nursery room for the children of workers and the other is a theatre and an internet café in an effort for attendance of the children from the school next to the building and the around residents, while this box is also the starting line for the roaming of public in the factory via a pipe in taller level from this.

Supervisors: Vrontissi Maria, Kotionis Zissis

Reference Number: 132


One of the most current issues is than Athens lacks a mosque, although Muslims that live here, both indigenous and immigrants are estimated around 200.000. On the attempt to approach the new Athens mosque, the current population is being analysed along with the extemporaneous spaces in which prayer is held. Moreover there is a reference it the way Press faces the issue. The final project consists of four approaches, of different scale and application: the Virus Mosque, in the greater Omonia sq, the Portable Mosque in Benaki Museum, the Floating Mosque in Peiraiki and, finally, the Symbol Mosque in the old Elbyn factory, which is thoroughly analyzed. All four approaches are located on the axis of Peiraios avenue, a recently developing cultural network.

Supervisors: Colonas Vassilios, Stylidis Iordanis

Reference Number: 121


  Contemporary dance is the name that is given to a group of dances of the 20th century. It’s a collection of methods and systems that begins from modern dance. Modern dance actually started in the latest 19th century and many of the items that characterize contemporary art and architecture appear in its forms. In Greece the history of contemporary dance starts in the early 20th century, with the Isadora Duncan’s arrival, who dances and teaches dances inspired from ancient Greece.
   A characteristic of contemporary dance is to experience the space that the choreography is in. Often the choreographer doesn’t want to reproduce the usual way that is followed in designing theatres. A place that is characterized by the flexibility of setting the stage and the extroversion by its shape, that in the same time will be a pole of attraction for Greek and foreign groups, is missing from Greece. This work’s aim is to design an architectural proposal like this, which is going to be named as ‘Center of Contemporary Dance’.
   The spot that this proposal is taking place is in “Gazi” area and is surrounded by Piraios, Orfeos and Iakhou roads, that provides easy access, visibility and transversality.
   My research about body in contemporary dance started with a collection of videos with choreographies. After seeing these videos some cares have been taken apart and a file with freezed movements and positions has been created. This prosedure created three categories: contacts, extreme body positions and movements with body’s center of weight out of its axis. From some of this examples some sketches and 3D models have been created so as to begin a deduction of information and a discodification of elements. Traslating body to a lineal element (it’s axis) had as a result a new model. According to the needs of a Center of Contemporary Dance which has the aim to offer hospitality to performances, festivals and videodances’ projections has been conceived a schedule that contents a free space for dance performances, a videodance- record office, a room for rehearsals and videodance projection rooms.
  The Center of Contemporary Dance consists of three buildings, and the combination of them creates an, optically and functionally, continual

Supervisors: Gavrilou Evelyn, Kotionis Zissis

Reference Number: 140


The purpose of this construction is to adjust the principals of nomadism to the needs and the abilities of the modern western society. Those principals could be summarized to the need for translocation, flexibility, frugality and, most important, the need for change in the way of living.

As nomadism is based on seeking, we address to people who seek for tranquility, solitude, direct contact with the nature, in ideal weather conditions. People who are willing to sacrifice the comfort as it is being defined in contemporary western society, in order to meet, either permanently or temporarily, with an experience that corresponds to the principals of prehistoric and contemporary nomadism.

The result is a construction that adjusts its volume and its layout to the needs and the number of users. Moreover, it has the ability to be towed and be placed wherever the user wants.

Rectangular in shape, deploys symmetrical to space, doubling or tripling its primary usable space. Its cell adjusts to the needs of shading and ventilation while it creates openings where necessary.

By combining different materials and colors the construction meets the requirements of its owner about the look and the properties of he construction, resulting in numerous and unique combinations.

Supervisor: Vrontissi Maria

Reference Number: 130