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Elective at semester(s) 6, 8, ECTS: 3



This course is a continuation of the course «Planning in the Ancient World», in which the ancient Greek temple was selected as a case study. The course enriches the study of temple architecture with other cases of buildings of religious architecture and also adds nine other categories of building types of Ancient Greek Architecture. Consequently the «table of contents» of the course takes the subsequent form according to R. Ginouvès,Dictionnaire méthodique de l’architecture grecque et romaine III: espaces architecturaux, bâtiments et ensembles(Paris-Roma 1998):

1. Religious architecture (shrines, temples, altars, enclosures, shrine entrances, thesauri).

2. Architecture of fortifications (towers, forts, fortifications of cities).

3. Funerary architecture.

4. Architecture of public buildings  (agoras, stoas, bouleuteria, prytaneia).

5. Memorial architecture (votive and honorary monuments).

6. Architecture of water installations (wells, springs, water pipes, baths).

7. Architecture of workshops (ceramic and metallurgical furnaces, mills, wineries, lime kilns).

8. Architecture of education (palaestrae, gymnasia).

9. Architecture of spectacle (theaters, stadia).

10. House building architecture.

            Apart from the analysis of the construction and architectural form of the above types under a narrow scope (: functional), the understanding of cultural, economic, social, political parameters governing the creation and evolution of these building types is intended.

            Finally: the analysis of their spiritual background (: Classical) governing their composition prepares the student for receiving respective successive backgrounds and visions of the architectural types of the 19th century (: Neoclassical) and the 20th century (: Postmodern) of our time. Therefore, the announcement and the suggestion of the last –not their full analysis– is aimed at and pursued in the course.