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  Roditi Vassiliki / Phd candidate


  Vasiliki Roditi was born in Athens, Greece, 1987. She has studied Architecture at University of Thessaly (2011) and continued her postgraduate studies on Architectural Design INSTEAD_Parapoesis (2015) at the same department. She has been working in her family construction office, which deals with both individual and industrial projects.

Her projects have been exhibited at a number of festivals, architectural/art exhibitions and she has also presented her papers at National Conferences.

Her research interests focus on Sexuality and Gender issues in the Urban Space, having as a central core the study of prostitution districts. She is a PhD Candidate and is currently involved in teaching Architectural Design to undergraduate students.

Research interests

 The PhD thesis title is “Urban Space and Sexuality. Prostitution Districts in Athens during the after-war period” and regards Sexuality and Gender issues in city, as critical components of a contemporary approach to the urban phenomenon. The research has two basic keystones, the social-anthropological interest and the territorial one. The first one includes investigation concerning the more-than-two forms of gender, the range of scientific beliefs about male and female, and it focuses on the hypothesis that sexes are socially constructed. The second core of interest concerns issues that have to do with both the relationship between private/social space and the fact that urban space has inevitably sexual dimension, as a field where bodies interact. Thesis accentuates on the prostitution district, as the cliché sexual region of a city that obeys the organized operational system and simultaneously presents specific characteristics that vary on form and scale.

The objectives are the investigation on the changes of the common, past-decades prostitution space and its new features, so as the new sexual imprint of the urbanspace that refers to the modern sexual condition of a city, to arise.

The approach of the study brings together theoretical background knowledge of several fields of science, such as Social Anthropology, Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Gender Studies and Architecture, which combines effectively. A model theory is about to develop, one that will associate the individual prior theories with a new interdisciplinary way, which will subsequently analyze the K-study of Athens, using local research.