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  Loukakis Giorgos / Postdoctoral Researcher


Giorgos Loukakis holds a PhD from the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Thessaly. He is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the Laboratory of Environmental Communication and Audiovisual Documentation and he is lecturing (subsidiary) in an elective course under the theme: "Architecture and Videogames". In the past, he has participated in a research program entitled "Urban Landscape in Videogames"- Representations and Spatial Narratives". His main research interests are the representations of landscape in video games, video game history and video game design.

Research interests

The object of this research is the investigation of the geological landscape representations in the digital environment of video games. The geological landscapes are examined through their fragmentary image and in correspondence with a set of other parameters that are related to the scale of the individual landforms, the process of creation of the geomorphologic characteristics that are represented, the experience or action of the user that is related to this geological scenery but also through the role of each landscape as a narrative, scientific or fictional element. The final product of this research comes through a typological classification and an annotation process that sets up a database of the geological landscape representations in video games. Furthermore in the final stage of the research, the basic methodologies of digital landscape creation in videogames were investigated and applied with the aim to create abstract or exact landscapes.