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  Papasarantou Chrissa / Phd candidate


    Born in 1983. She graduated the school of Architecture (University of Thessaly, 2008), and is a holder of a master’s degree in MSc Advanced architectural Studies at the department of Bartlett School of Graduate Studies (UCL, 2009). She is currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Architecture (University of Thessaly).

Her research interests focus on finding alternative ways on approaching, analyzing and designing mixed environments through bodily parameters.

She has participated at international conferences and architectural competitions, while she is currently participating, with the research group of LECAD, in the research program “DeMuCiV, Designing the Museum of the City of Volos” (2011-1015). 


Articles in scientific journals

Papasarantou, C. and Bourdakis, V. (2012) "Represent-ing presence",In V!rus Journal, RE:PRE:SENT, Issue 8, Dec.2012.

Conference proceedings

Chronaki, A., Papasarantou, C.,Manioti, E., Lazaridi, I., Koumparelou, M. and Giannikis, G. (2017) "AnthropoGeometries in the UrbanScape: Interrogating the Echo of Geometry", in proceedings of the 9th International Mathematics Educationa and Society (MES9) Conference, 7-12 April, Volos, p. 305-311

Papasarantou, C. and Bourdakis, V. (2016) “The notion of mixed embodied presence as an alternative method of approaching and manipulating “phygital” environments  “, in proceedings of the 3rd International Congress on Ambiances, September, Volos, Greece, Vol. 1, p. 503-508

Papasarantou, C., Kalaouzis, G. and Bourdakis, V. (2015) “Spatio-temporal 3d structures: visualizing the historic dataset”, in proceedings of “Museums in Motion” conference, University of Thessaly Press Volos, Greece, 3-4 July, p. 157-161

Papasarantou, C. and Rizopoulos, C. (2015) “Designing for Mixed Embodied Presence in a virtual setting”, in proceedings of the international biennial conference Hybrid City 2015 – Data to the People, 17-19 September, p. 298-305

Papasarantou, C., Kalaouzis, G., Pentazou, I. and Bourdakis, V. (2015) “A Spatio-Temporal 3D representation of a Historic Dataset”, Real Time – in proceedings of the 33rd International Conference on Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe), Vienna, Austria, 16-18th September 2015, Vol. 1, Vienna: Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, TU Wien, p. 701-708

Papasarantou, C., Rizopoulos, C., Bourdakis, V., and Charitos,D. (2014) “Analysing mixed embodied presence through the lens of embodiment and social presence”, in proceedings of the international Society for Presence Research 2014 “Challenging Presence”, Vienna,17-19 March, p. 73-79

Papasarantou C., and Gavrilou E. (2014), "Representational approaches of the notion of co-presence in mixed environments" in proceedings of 8th Audiovisual Arts Festival and Scientific Symposium “Metamorphoses of corporeality: Art – Body – Technology”, May 14-18, Corfu, p. 118-150

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