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Αll the Erasmus students that attending courses in the spring semester of the current academic year they must have done the following by 17th March 2023:

1. Update of the learning agreement regarding the spring semester

2. Submission of a signed learning agreement by the supervisor at the University of Thessaly and by the supervisor of the Institution of origin.

3. Submission of course declaration to the online secretariat in consultation with Mrs. Koniari Sofia


The introduction to the course ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN  IV-VI B: Hybrid Ecologies by Professor Sophia Vyzoviti, will take place today, Wednesday 2/15 at 18:00 in room D.
Course information:


Time tible for the Spring semester (akademic year 2022-203).


time table of exams-winter semester


This course will start the 2nd week of the winter semester 2022-2023,

The introduction will be held on Thursday 6 September at 18:00-22:00and will continue Friday 7 September at 09:30-13:30

Students who want to find out information on this course can read a brief description at the following link

and/or register via thee-class platform for more information

but also, directly contact the educator via her email:


time table-winter semester akademic year 2022-2023


We are honored to announce that Professor Theoklis Kanarelis has won a Faith and Form, Honor Award in the Unbuilt Work category for his project, Chapel of Saint Agatha (
The project will be published in the journal Sacred Places/Faith & Form in the first part of 2022. The award ceremony will take place at the National Convention of the AIA (American Institute of Architecture) in Chicago, on June 23 2022.


For personal reasons, the course "sound atmospheres" will not take place tomorrow Friday, March 4, from 10 am to 1 pm.

It will be replaced later in the semester. The teacher is waiting for the students who have registered for this course, next Friday, March 11, for the first course.


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