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Tuesday February 28th 12:00
Room E (Upper floor)

The conference is organized in the framework of the elective course South: Space and non hegemonic paradigms of knowledge
Tutor: Iris Lykourioti

Student organizing committee:
Chatzipourganis Nikos
Kalitzidis Christos
Lazarou Panagiota
Papaioannou Lygeia

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Blog with abstracts of the essays for the course ‘South: Space and non-hegemonic paradeigms of knowledge’


Series of Seminars: Theory and Practice
Reading Group: Feminist Practices in Public Space in The Globalized Technological Era II

Thursday 5th of December 2019 we start the second circle of seminars at the Centre of New Media and Feminist Public Practices. This year’s seminar will be held as an extended reading group. We will study texts by the writers, S. Ahmed, J. Buttler, R. Braidotti, K. Crenshaw, N. Fraser, B. Friedman, D. Haraway, S. Harding, L. Irigaray, A. Lorde, A. McRobbie, L. Mulvey, G. Spivak, A. Athanasiou, A. Dimitrakaki, a.o., focusing on issues of feminism, technology and culture. During the seminar, artists will present their projects in relation to our reading list aiming to a productive interchange between theory, art and practice.

The seminar will be taking place on Thursdays, 15.00-18.00 at the Department of Architecture.

For more information visit our site at

For participation in the seminar send us your email at or


'Travel and Photography, Voyage through Photography'
Presentation by Athina Kazolea, film director and photographer, Room Ε, 3-6pm. Course 'Audiovisual Representations of the City'.

Athina Kazolea was born in Athens, Greece. She has been living and working in Athens as a director for Greece's national television network and as a freelance photographer. She studied French litterature at the University of Athens and directing in Paris at Essec Institute.
Many of the projects that she worked on have taken her to a vast number of destinations, including Ethiopia, Palestine, Turkey, Tibet, Cuba, Yemen, Israel, Morocco and India. In 2000, she joined Doctors Without Borders as a photojournalist in missions in Palestine and Tibet. She has also worked with the Greek organizational branch of UNHCR, photographing Iraqi refugees in Damascus, Syria.

During 2005-2006 she worked as a photo editor for Passport magazine, included as a special travel publication of Greek newspaper Kathimerini.

Since 1990, a large number of her work has gotten published in some of the most noteworthy and popular Greek newspapers and magazines (Passport, Kathimerini's "K", Marie Claire, Cinema, Difono, Metro, Ena, Ta Nea, Tahidromos etc).

She has collaborated with major music publishers Minos EMI, Universal, Lyra  and worked as a movie set photographer for films and television shows.
Also she has participated in a great number of group exhibitions.
Her works belong to private collections and some are also part of the collection of the Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki.


 And yet it moves 2019: Consumable Bodies

The inter-university MArt programme “Information and Communication Technologies in Education” and the Laboratory of Environmental Communication and Audiovisual Documentation (LECAD) of the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly, organise the "AND YET IT MOVES: Consumable Bodies" symposium.

The meeting will be held at the Department of Architecture, University of ThessalyVolos, from the 6th till the 7th of November 2019.


Afroditi Maragkou

22/10/2019 15:00-18:00

Room E


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