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Tuesday November 21st 2023 14:00 (GMT+2)
Mezzanine, Post Graduate Room
Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly
Pedion Areos,Volos

Lecture within the framework of the courses 
South: Space and non hegemonic paradigms of knowledge
Tutor: Iris Lykourioti

Urban Planning I: Urban Design
Tutors: Fabiano Micocci, Vasso Trova

Zoy Anastassakis (1974) is a Brazilian designer with Greek nationality, and she holds a Master and PhD degree in Anthropology. She was Director at Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2016–18), where, since 2012, she works as Associate Professor, coordinating the research group “Laboratório de Design e Antropologia.” In 2017, as visiting researcher, she joined the project “Knowing from the Inside: Anthropology, Art, Architecture and Design,” lead by Tim Ingold in the Department of Anthropology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland. She is a collaborating researcher at Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia (CRIA) in Lisbon, Portugal. She published “Triunfos e Impasses: Lina Bo Bardi, Aloisio Magalhães e o design no Brasil” (2014), “Refazendo tudo: confabulações em meio aos cupins na universidade” (2020), and “Everyday acts of design: learning in a time of emergency” (2022, with Marcos Martins).



Traces and Memory

Saturday 18th Novemberat 10:00 [UTC+3]


In the framework of the course Contemporary Architecture in Old Buildings and Historic Complexes, part of the Post-graduate Master of Reuse of Building and Complexes, on Saturday 18th November at 10:00 [UTC+3] the online conference “Traces and Memories” will be held.

Poster and Program.


Exhibition of student works from the design studio RIGHT TO BREATHE and the elective course UNRULY GROUND. The works are dealing with the environmental revitalization of Volos.

Delta Art Gallery, Volos, 26/9/2023 to 12/10/2023


Innovation in Humanitarian Habitat
A place to call home?
Materializing shelters and emergency infrastructures as neighborhoods

The research laboratory "Sustainable Design & Built Environment" of the Department of Architecture of the University of Thessaly, in collaboration with the "Institute of Social Planning, Organizational Change, and Urban Development of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland" , organize a student workshop, within the framework of preparation for participation in the "Innovation in Humanitarian Habitat" actions, organized by the "Shelter Research Unit of the Luxembourg Red Cross" together with the "Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology".

The student workshop will take place in Volos at 6-10/9/2023, with the contribution of an international interdisciplinary team of architects, urban planners, and humanitarian specialists.

The workshop results will include the design of a prototype shelter for refugees and displaced persons in Sub-Saharan Africa (Sahel). The proposal must consider the following limitations:

  1. To constitute a sustainable solution that will cover both the emergency (3.5 m2 / per person) and permanent housing for a family of six.
  2. Respond to the climatic and geographical conditions of Sub-Saharan Africa (Sahel), respecting local culture, materials and building methods.
  3. To respond to the characteristics of the family structure of the region.

The Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly is pleased to announce the awarding of two student groups in the pan-Hellenic student competition for the design of luminaires. The competition entitled  "Light Up" (,  was announced by the Hellenic Institute of Architecture and the Master's Program "Lighting Design" of the School of Applied Arts and Sustainable Design of the Hellenic Open University. In total, 2000 Euros with be available for the first three prizes, while their commercial exploitation in collaboration with a luminaire manufacturer is also being considered.

The prize-winning proposals of the students of our Department are:

1st PRIZE: CymbaLux
See the poster.

3rd PRIZE: Larvae
See the poster.

19-21/7/23, Chatzini Square, Agios Lavrentios

It includes discussions, hands-on practice in a carpentry workshop and construction in Hatzini Square under the guidance of professionals.


30/6/2023 12:00


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