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International Nicosia documentary Festival

The International Nicosia documentary Festival “Views of the World” is the biggest documentary celebration organized in Cyprus with a various projection programme and special guests from Cyprus and abroad.

Its mission is to present contemporary films stemming from the “documentary cinema”, the “direct cinema” or the “real cinema” as we mainly call it. This event makes the local cultural actions internationally known, while it functions as a bridge between Cyprus and the rest of the world. The programme focuses on the contemporary world’s views and mainly on themes such as human rights, minority issues, ecological issues, contemporary art, contemporary portraits etc. We tend to present films which activate nowadays people offering to them stimuli and contact with the esthetical, cultural and social evolutions, as they are recorded through the style and the opinions of the film-makers. We intend to discover and to meet directors/artists who risk, innovate and dare through new ways of expression in order to ensure the renewal of this cinematographic art genre. Their films become the medium through which ideas and opinions are recorded and communicated, an educational approach about issues that concern every modern and sceptic citizen who chooses the unprofitable and the active and dynamic participation at events around the globe. This festival is not only a cultural expression, it is also a place where all of us, organizers and observers, directors and spectators, “authors” and “protagonists” of this world, can discuss and be entertained through what is created out of us and also what creates us, meaning the Documentary Film.

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