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Meeting - Docta Spes: Women Architects have always been Here

The meeting entitled "Women Architects have always been Here" is part of the series of scientific meetings "Docta Spes: The Future of Space is Now", which was launched in November 2022 by the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly (UTh) and adopts its aim of “reflecting on the need to design a future that is habitable and socially inclusive.” It brings into dialogue distinguished architects, historians, theorists, researchers, and artists who have developed extensive interdisciplinary work at an international level. At the core of their studies and practices are feminist theories, methodologies, and practices as these take shape in diverse geographical contexts and intersect with different disciplines, from architectural historiography, art, curating, gender studies, geography, political ecology, architectural and urban design. The contributions and discussions in this meeting further draw on perspectives from archives, teaching, research, and social activism and will be a catalyst for reflection on the present and future of architectural education.

The meeting highlights the importance of gender and feminist approaches in architectural design, academic research, and collective action. It seeks to reflect on architecture as a potential field of dialogue between situated, feminist, queer, anti-racist, decolonial and de-growth perspectives and innovative models of production, work, and design. It thus attempts to articulate critical, affirmative, and hopeful responses to the future of architecture and to contemplate innovative (design) pedagogies that have spatial, intersectional, and climate justice at their core.

The meeting will take place on 15 February 2023 at the auditorium of the Department of Architecture at Pedion Areos, Volos, in person and online via MS Teams. Opening at 14:00

Download the press release and the programme.

Link: MSTeams

With the support of: 
Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination Committee (GEC, UTh)
Centre of New Media and Feminist Public Practices (CNMFPP, DArch – UTh)