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Lecture by Bouki Babalou: Social + architectural movements. The‘70s.

Bouki Babalou

Social + architectural movements. The‘70s.

Tuesday December 20th 2016, 15:00, Room B

Lecture within the framework of the course South: Space and non hegemonic paradigms of knowledge
Tutor: Iris Lykourioti


Bouki Babalou is an architect and engineer. She is Professor at the School of Architecture of N.T.U.Athens.

1946 Born in Thessaloniki.

1970 Qualified in architecture N.T.U.Athens.

1970 – present Practicing architect together with Antonis Noukakis.

1971-2013 Teaches architecture, urban design and landscape at the School of Architecture of N.T.U.Athens.

1972-1986 Member of Atelier 66, architects, urban designers.

1984 Consultant for the Ministry of Culture for the Architectural Exhibitions of Athens Cultural Capital of Europe.  

1995 Member of the Architects Department of the National Board of Habitat II.

1999-2001 Tutor at the Postgraduate Course of School of Architecture N.T.U.Athens, on Public Space.

2001 ‘Public Space in Le Corbusier work’. Sabbatical Research Year. Fondation Le Corbusier, Paris.

2004 Elected Professor of Architectural Design at the School of Architecture N.T.U.Athens.

2004-2005 Architectural Design Tutor and first year coordinator at the new founded School of Architecture in Chanea, Crete.


Founded in 1970, the architectural office Antonis Noukakis and Partners with Antonis Noukakis and Bouki Babalou as founding members has been working on projects of private and public interest. They have won 20 architectural competitions and gained 6 awards for realized works. Their work has been published and exhibited in Greece and abroad. They have also presented their work on several congress and meetings in Greece and abroad.