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Lecture by Vassiliki Yiakoumaki: On Colonies: main trajectories and dominant landscapes in the longue durée

Tuesday November 15th 2016, 15:00, Room B

Lecture within the framework of the course South: Space and non hegemonic paradigms of knowledge
Tutor: Iris Lykourioti

Leda Kyriakou, graduate student of our department will be joining the conversation by introducing material from her research topic ‘The use of Architecture in the process of colonization as an apparatus of control and identity building’ (2016), which was supervised by Phoebe Giannisi and Yorgos Tzirtzilakis.



Vassiliki Yiakoumaki is Assistant Professor at the Department of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology of the University of Thessaly. She has received her PhD in cultural anthropology at the New School for Social Research, New York (2003). She has an MA in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester, UK (1993), and a BA from the University of Ioannina, School of Philosophy, Dept. of Philosophy-Education-Psychology (1989). She has taught at Panteion University, Athens, and Columbia University, New York, and also has teaching experience at Harvard University and New York University. She has conducted research for European-Union research programs, through the Universities of Crete, Macedonia, and the Agricultural University of Athens. Her research interests focus on the anthropology of institutions, and particularly on issues pertaining to ethnic identities and politics of multiculturalism in Europe, and on European cultural policies. In this context, she has developed a particular research interest in the area of food and eating in connection to modern consumption.  Currently she is exploring, and teaches on, issues of jewish identity and culture in Greece and the rest of Europe.  Her research focuses on religion and the public sphere, and particularly ideas and practices of religiosity among contemporary Greeks.