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Lecture by Nikos Anastasopoulos: Epistemologies of the South

Nikos Anastasopoulos
Epistemologies of the South: Issues of space production and architecture
Tuesday November 8th 2016, 15:00, Room B

Lecture within the framework of the course
South: Space and non hegemonic paradigms of knowledge
Tutor: Iris Lykourioti

Nicholas Anastasopoulos architect, researcher, lecturer at the National Technical University of Athens. PhD in alternative communities and sustainability (NTUA). As post-doctoral Researcher in Ecuador (IAEN, 2014) he contributed to the FLOK Society project and conducted research on aspects of Buen Vivir and sustainability, and the impact of the commons on urban environments. His work addresses sustainability, expressions of the commons in space, alternative communities, future alternatives, systems, complexity and participation.