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ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN ΙV-VI Α: Redesign of hill of the fortress in the city of Larisa
Design Studio Required Elective at semester(s) 6, 8, ECTS: 12

Contemporary public uses and facilities in historic environment.

On the hill of our study area material relics retain and recount the history of the city. In the area that we will study we find a Roman theater, a covered market, the church of St. Achilles, baths, remains of Christian churches, Byzantine ruins, Roman and Ottoman relics, a tourist pavilion, a modern monument, the view of the ridge of Mount Olympus, the flow of Pinios river and the modern vivid city of Larisa.



During the first two weeks of the semester we will be visiting the area of the hill and we will collect information trying to get familiar with the historic and the contemporary environment of the site. Then we will try to articulate a contemporary valid proposal for the user of the area. The recent interventions should not be taken for granted. We will propose a new design including open spaces and new constructed facilities.