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Lecture by Kalos & Klio

Kalos&Klio (Christos Kalos, Klio Tantalidou) are two artists who work together as a collaborative duo. The pair lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece. Klio studied painting at the Hanze University, Groningen, NL printmaking, at the Governors’ State University, Chicago IL, USA and holds an MFA in Digital art from the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL USA. Christos Kalos studied Photography at ESP school of Photography, Thessaloniki, Greece. The pair has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. In 2011 a new book, has just been released by IANOS publications written by Professor of Art History & Culture Theory at the Technical University of Crete, Thanasis Moutsopoulos Kalos&Klio: A user’s guide for the digital world and global trash.