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KAM Workshops in situ 2012, The Watched Field

BERLIN / Universität der Künste > 23 - 30 july
CHANIA / Center of Mediterranean Architecture > 22 - 30 august

The KAM workshop of Berlin would elaborate on the subject of communities that already shared massively the “panopticon cultures” as continuous conditions of social normality. Systems of freedom are examined as analogous to the Plan de evasión, the novel by Adolfo Bioy Casares describing a system of detention in illusion: in an analogous way, the first thematic area of 2012 KAM workshops will be linked to the constitution of a mapped world as a first system of detention. The draft design of a video game is the final product of the Berlin’s workshop.

Concerning the KAM workshop of Chania its participants will be asked to design a minimum isolated capsule that forms a maximum isolation possibility including the description of an illusion of community, through an extended time of autonomy concerning food and water. This isolated relation to the community functions as the formation of an autonomous system that in the same time creates a separation from the community. The investigation of the autonomous cell that is formed as the place for the natural body placed in a map. The participants will conclude to a model of a condensed “room condition” and some linear drawings describing its technical characteristics.

KAM workshops are open to graduate and post-graduate students of architecturε. They can also be followed by students of art, design, media and cultural studies.

To apply for the workshops you are expected to send an e-mail to with the following files:

A filled-in application form (download here )

A PDF with examples of your work (5 images, PDF maximum size: 3MB)

Please make sure that you have correctly named your PDF files stating both your first name and your last name.
All textual information should be in English or Greek. 

For more information please visit KAM workshops homepage