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Lecture by Stavros Alifragkis: Digital Metadata Cities- Cinema and the Construction of Space

Monday 13 October 2014, 15:00-18:00, Amphitheatre Dept. Arch, Volos

Digital cities for the contemporary, interactive screen can function as vehicles for the study and the illustration of current aspects of urban development. Cinematic urban landscapes, ephemeral constructions with moving image and sound onto the two-dimensional plane of the celluloid, offer their methodological toolset to the study of the multi-dimensional digital screen. This presentation demonstrates, with the use of specific research examples, the potential for carrying out in-depth analyses of urban phenomena with the aid of descriptive metadata about filmed spaces, their statistical processing and the spatial visualisation of the information. Finally, this presentation explores the way new, digital spaces may materialise via the creative reuse of archival, audiovisual database assets on architecture and the city.