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Documentation and Design Workshop: Ser-re(s)modern 2014

12th International Documentation and Design Workshop

Ser-re(s)modern 2014, URBAN LANDSCAPE/ Design and Architecture


Urban Landscape Studies at the east edge of the city of Serres at the valley of Ag. Anargiroi

The 12th Documentation and Design Workshop will focus upon the environmental design and architecture of urban landscapes. Hosted by the municipality of Serresthe projects will investigate the city’s valley as an urban ecosystem, highlighting cultural and natural characteristics of the location. All groups will be accommodated at the facilities of the Chrysopigi Summer Camp, at the peak of the Menikion Mountain close by the city of Serres. Participants will be students (4th and 5th year of studies and post-graduates) and teaching stuff of the Universities of Cairo Egypt, Sofia Bulgaria, Volos Hellas(U.Th), Istanbul Turkey(I.T.U.) and Belgrade Serbia (University of Bergrade).

Locations of study at the east edge along the valley of Agioi Anargiroi include:

1. The surrounding area of the Mehmet Bey Mosqueincluding the fountain and the bilateral towpath of the stream.

2. The abandoned industry buildingof NASIOUTZIK and the attached bilateral towpath of the stream.

3. The natural sitealong the formation of Agioi Anargiroi valley as long as the embankment of the stream.

4. The embankmentsof the stream as a boundary between two residential areas.


University of Thessaly  | Serres Union of Architects |  Municipality of Serres

Professors in charge

Iordanis Stilidis, Architect, Assistand Professor, U.Th

Sophia Vyzoviti, Dr. Architect, Assistand Professor, U.Th

Participation fee is 130 € including full board accomodation and transportation to the site, design and model materials, a bi-lingual publication with the workshop results and a one-day excursion to the area of the lake Kerkini.


Visit the website, see the poster and pictures.