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Architectural field trip to India: From Bangalore to Mumbai

19 December 2013 to 02 January 2014

A journey of 1,500 km and many cultures. Monuments of different religions. Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms, modern and old buildings. We will visit temples, forts, caves, houses and palaces, mosques and minarets, and markets, and modern cities. We will move on the roads of India with our bus for about two weeks.

Maharastra, Mumbai, Elephanta Caves, Aurangabad, Ajanta Caves, Ellora Caves. Gulbarga, Bijapur, Gulbarga fort, Bande Nawaz mosque, Badami, Badami caves, Hospet, Pattadakkal, Hampi, Anegundi village, Tungbhadra river, Bangalore, Karnataka

In charge of the journey is Associate Professor Theoklis Kanarelis.

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