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Lecture: Roy Ascott, MINDCITY, regarding the organism

Lecture within the framework of the workshop “Multimedia Data Bases as narrative Mechanism”.

Roy Ascott

Roy Ascott is a pioneer of cybernetics and telematics in art. His artistic and educational activity focuses on the impact of digital and telecommunications networks on human behavior and consciousness. He synthesizes recent advances in science and technology  with experimental art and ancient systems of knowledge. Ascott studied under Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton at King's College, University of Durham. He has a rich educational and artistic activity. The Groundcourse at Ealing School of Art, London, was the first of his radical interventions in art education. He has been Dean of San Francisco Art Institute, California, Professor and Head of Communications Theory in the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, and Principal of Ontario College of Art, Toronto and Adjunct Professor in Design|Media Arts at the University of California Los Angeles. He is actually Professor of Technoetic Art at University of Plymouth and director of the PhD candidates program Planetary Collegium. He is founding editor of the international journal Technoetic Arts and member of the editorial boards of Leonardo.

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