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Lecture: Pascale Féghali, How long do I need to draw a space with my camera? Cinematography and time-geography.

Tuesday 16 April, 21:00, Theatre of the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly

Lecture in the framework of the courses:
Kinespheres/Commonspheres#4, Garment/ Costume: Customs and Practices of Space,
Seminar III of the Postgraduate Program of studies and
Synergies#3, Infrastructures, Elective Studio IVB of Undergraduate studies

Tutors: Evelyn Gavrilou, Iris Lykourioti


Pascale Feghali was born in 1969 in Beirut/Lebanon. She studied Sociology of art (1988-1993) at La Sorbonne and Visual anthropology (1999-2007) at Nanterre were she met Jean Rouch, one of the initiators of the French Nouvelle Vague. She followed his working method based on the total freedom of movement of the filmmaker during the shooting, developing a special gymnastics for that purpose. In 2007, she obtained her PHD in Visual Anthropology. Since 1995, she teaches at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut at the department of Cinema and Theatre studies. Between 1997-2001 she has founded and directed the Ayloul Festival in Beirut, an annual festival focusing on the cross-exploration of theatre, danse, installation and video. She is a research associate (since 2009) in urban anthropology at the CNRS (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique) in France.