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Lecture: Katerina Zacharopoulou, For the Things that are missing

9/4/2013, 21:00, Dep. Arch. Volos


Katerina Zacharopoulou was born in Athens in 1958. She studied painting (1982-1987) in Athens, while she attended special seminars in the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris (1990-1994) regarding educational issues on contemporary art for children and youth. In 1998 she worked and lived in Chicago showing her work in museums and working with students on the idea of a Water City and the myth of Nymphes in Greek culture. Since 1993 she works on  Greek Public Television (ERT), presenting a program on contemporary art and artists

Since then, she has developed a rich educational activity on contemporary art issues, without ceasing to work as an artist herself. She is interested in the meaning of contemporary art and its language and the way this art becomes a relayed system through images that can be transmitted. She is particularly interested in the role the artist plays as an exposed agent of knowledge and experience.

Her relationship with television gives her the idea of live performance in front of a camera. Her work has been affected by that. The  last ten years she works on the “Artistic Identity” as an Alter Ego of the every day ‘Shelf”. Her media are video, photography, installations, drawings and writing.