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NoTours Workshop

In the frame of the events organized by the Laboratory E.C.A.D. (Thalis program) and with the support of the Department of Architecture, we are welcoming the NoTours workshop proposed by the spanish collective of artists and sound engineers

The aim of the workshop is to create a sound walk in the public spaces of Volos. Participants will create a soundwalk through the web site platform and will experiment it in real public spaces where it has been created for. It is described as an augmented aurality experience; the sound walk is experimented trough headphones connected to an Android smartphone while users walks in the publics spaces and try to figure out the sounds that the composer has left for them. 
The workshop is opened for 20 participants and six smartphones will be provided to experiment the soundwalks (although a laptop is required).
It will start on Tuesday, 26th of March and end on Saturday 30th of March. Participants will need 3-4 work hours per day. 
More details on the final program will posted later on. 
Applicants should email Nicolas REMY or
TAM: Nicolas REMY Horacio Dieguez Martinez