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Educational Voyage to Istanbul

MUSIBET, ADHOCRACY, SALT/Becoming Istanbul/ Urban Hot Points, Crossings, Sailings.

The educational voyage to the city of Istanbul/Turkey was accomplished between the 15th and the 18th of November, 2012. The aim of the voyage was the visit to, the comprehension and the on-sight exploration of some specific and general properties of the city. Additionally, the visit to the Exhibitions of Design, Art, and History MUSIBET/ADHOCRACY and BECOMING ISTANBUL (SALT). The experience of crossing the landscapes while exploring visually and verbally (through constand long discussions) their identities. Additionally, to witness the function of the territories where the western civilization model of life is flourishing in constand debate with the traditional Oriental typologies of behaviour. The cities, the habitats, the fine details of setllements. There were 45 participant students, coming from the VISUAL ARTS and DESIGN of SMALL SCALE STRUCTURES and OBJECTS Cources, in the voyage that lasted 3 days.

Two crucial visits were included in the program, τhe visit to the area of the major historical monuments of Agia Sophia, Sultan Ahmet Camil and the Binbirdirek Cistern and the sailing to theAdalar islands : Kinali Ada, Burgaz Ada, Heybeli Ada, και Bujuk Ada.

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