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Educational Voyage to Europe

The educational voyage to the central Europe was accomplished between the 23rd and the 30th of September, 2012.

The aim of the voyage was the visit to, the comprehension and the on-sight exploration of every and all specific properties of the achivements of contemporary architectural practice, the visit to the Biennale of Architecture and the experience of crossing the landscapes while exploring visually and verbally (through constand long discussions) their identities. Additionally, the territories where the western civilization model of life is flourishing. The cities, the habitats, the fine details of setllements. There were 20 participants in the voyage that last 5 days, crossing through Italy, germany, Austria and Swicherland.

The buildings targeted and visited were:

1.Conferenz Pavillion/1993 by Tadao Ado, the Vitra Design Museum/1989 and the Vitra Atelier/2003 by Frank Gehry, the Bushaltestelle/2006 by Jasper Morrison, the Vitra Haus/2010 by Herzog&DeMeuron, the Produktionshallen/1981 by Nikolas Grimshaw, the Tankstelle/2003 by Jean Prouve, the Dome/2000 by Richard Buckminster Fuller, the Produktionshallen/1994 by Alvaro Siza, theProduktionshallen/2010 by SANAA Kazuyo Sejima and the Feuerwehrhaus/1994 by Zaha Hadid, at the area of VITRA INDUSTRIES/GERMANY.    

2. E-Science Lab/ETH by Baumschlager & Eberle, Schulhaus/Leutshenbach by Christian Kerez, Housing Complex / Brunnenhofstrasse by Gigon & Guyer, at the area of the city Zurich, in Switzerland.

3. The civil cultural complex Festspielhaus by Dietrich & Undertrifaller, and the  Kunsthaus by Peter Zumthor, at the area of the city Bregenz, in Austria. Finally, the 13th Biennale of Architecture in the city of Venice and the interior manipulation and design of Punta della Dogana by Taadao Ado. Additionally, the crossing of the Adriatic sea (Igoumenitsa-Venice), the crossing of the Alpes (Zurich-Insbruch-Tredo-Veneto-Venice/Lido di Jesollo) and the national road between Venice and Milan in Italy.