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Lecture by Corvino & Multar: City Branding and Architecture: The restoration of Pirelli Skyscraper in Milan
30/5/24 19:00 Teams

In the framework of the Master Program Reuse of Buildings and Complexes at the Department of Architecture of the University of Thessaly, on Thursday 30/5 at 19:00  [UTC+3] on MS TEAMS will take place the online lecture from  Corvino + Multari on the theme "City Branding and Architecture: The restoration of Pirelli Skyscraper in Milan".

Coordination: Fabiano Micocci, UTH
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Giovanni Multari (Cosenza, 1963) graduated from the University of Naples Federico II (in the academic year 1989-1990), PhD in Urban Design (1997), founded the studio Corvino+Multari in Naples with Vincenzo Corvino (10 May 1995). He teaches architectural and urban design and is a lecturer in the Architecture PhD College at the University of Naples Federico II, Department of Architecture. His thirty years of activity as an architect is strongly characterised by the coexistence of university research with design research and construction experience. His projects include: the Pirelli skyscraper in Milan, the integrated programme of interventions "i Rivocati" and Piazza dei Bruzi in Cosenza, the parish complex of the diocese of Lodi in Dresano, the New Public Prosecutor's Ohice in Catanzaro, and the redevelopment of disused areas in Mantua Hub. His main research themes, also developed within the framework of the ERASMUS + KA220-HED  RECUBE programme and through his participation in the Nervi Laboratory at the Milan Polytechnic, Lecco Territorial Pole, which see him directly involved in collaborations with the Universitè Libre Bruxelles, ENSA Nantes, the Chinese  University of Hong Kong and the Warsaw University of Technology, are: restoration and readaptation of modern architecture, architecture for the existing in fragile territories, reactivation processes in territories in transition. His main awards include the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture in 2006 for the restoration of the Pirelli skyscraper, an award presented by the Milan Triennale.