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Lecture by Giorgos Koropoulis: Translating Dante’s Divina Commedia

Lecture by Giorgos Koropoulis
Title: Translating Dante’s Divina Commedia
Thursday 25 January 2024 18:00
Bookstore Charta

Lecture within the framework of the modules: 

Space and Poetics, Department of Architecture
Professor Phoebe Giannisi

Specific Topics in Performance Studies
Department of Culture and Creative Media and Industries
Assistant Professor: Marios Chatziprokopiou

and The Laboratory of History, Theory and Conceptual Design for Architecture, the City and the Environment of the Department of Architecture.

The author, translator, and radio producer Giorgos Koropoulis will meet students at Bookstore Charta in the city of Volos. On the occasion of the recent publication of the translation of Purgatory (Sestina: Athens 2023), as well as the radio series dedicated to Dante on theThird Public Radio Programme in Greece, Koropoulis will discuss issues related to space, trajectory, performance poetry, and the process of translation.

GIORGOS KOROPOULIS was born in Athens in 1960. He studied Dentistry and specialized in not practicing it. Since 1980 he has been working as a proofreader and a copy editor. He published articles (sometimes systematically, sometimes not) in newspapers and magazines. At times, he also worked as a radio producer, and wrote texts for documentaries and movies. He translated (among others) Akhmatova, Cavalcanti, Catullus, Laforgue, Brecht, Pasternak, Rilke, Tsvetayeva. He translates Dante's Divine Comedy –with some difficulties- using the terza rima and the hendecasyllabic verse. His poems have been translated into all languages, but he does not give permission for the translations to be published, while he shamelessly conceals the countless honours he received all over the world.