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Student workshop, Volos 6-10/9/2023

Innovation in Humanitarian Habitat
A place to call home?
Materializing shelters and emergency infrastructures as neighborhoods

The research laboratory "Sustainable Design & Built Environment" of the Department of Architecture of the University of Thessaly, in collaboration with the "Institute of Social Planning, Organizational Change, and Urban Development of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland" , organize a student workshop, within the framework of preparation for participation in the "Innovation in Humanitarian Habitat" actions, organized by the "Shelter Research Unit of the Luxembourg Red Cross" together with the "Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology".

The student workshop will take place in Volos at 6-10/9/2023, with the contribution of an international interdisciplinary team of architects, urban planners, and humanitarian specialists.

The workshop results will include the design of a prototype shelter for refugees and displaced persons in Sub-Saharan Africa (Sahel). The proposal must consider the following limitations:

  1. To constitute a sustainable solution that will cover both the emergency (3.5 m2 / per person) and permanent housing for a family of six.
  2. Respond to the climatic and geographical conditions of Sub-Saharan Africa (Sahel), respecting local culture, materials and building methods.
  3. To respond to the characteristics of the family structure of the region.