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Lecture by Agnieszka Rumież: Mathematical method for architects

Lecture by Agnieszka Rumież entitled: "Mathematical method for architects". Thursday, May 11, 2023, at 15:00 a.m., in room Δ.

The lecture takes place in the context of PRÊT-À-PLIER (2022/23) studio taught by Sophia Vyzoviti, Professor, Dept. Architecture, UTH.

Agnieszka Rumież, architect and architectural historian and theoretical mathematician, discusses state of relationship between architecture and mathematics in contemporary architectural design. She will present a vast scope of possible applications of mathematical modeling in series of case studies: [1] framework of dynamics of architectural improvisation, [2] constructive means of graph theory in automated generation of floorplans, [3] supportive role of machine learning in decision process in heritage protection of modern cultural assets.

Short CV

Agnieszka Rumież, PhD, researcher and an academic teacher at Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture. In July 2018, defended doctoral thesis on the subject of "Improvisation as a strategy in architectural design". In November 2020, achieved a Bachelor degree in Theoretical Mathematics at Adam Mickiewicz University, subject: “Interpretation of a functional program of a building in the light of planar graph theory”. As an adjunct lecturer at PUT she teaches History of Architecture (Gothic and Renaissance) and also History of Contemporary Architecture. She is also conducting design studio classes on adaptive reuse and heritage protection. Her works have been published in scientific journals and presented on international conferences. Her scientific interests orbits around aspects of mathematical modeling applied to architecture and heritage protection. Agnieszka is currently freelancing as an architect and interior designer in Poland.