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Lecture by Evgenios Balasis: Urban micro-homes in Thessaloniki under economic crisis

Lecture by the architect - urban planner Evgenios Balasis entitled: "Urban micro-homes in Thessaloniki under economic crisis". Thursday, May 4, 2023, at 11:00 a.m., in room Δ.

The lecture takes place in the context of Architectural Composition IV-V I B: Hybrid Ecologies (2022/23) studio taught by Sophia Vyzoviti, Professor, Dept. Architecture, UTH.

Evgenios Balasis, architect - planner, discusses the reuse of the city's abandoned small shops and their transformation into ground-floor microhome lofts. The presentation displays a case study (Balasis & Dova architects) unfolding the entire process, from the acquisition of an 18 sq.m. shop, to its return to the real estate market as a loft studio, as well as some similar urban microhomes, designed and built in Thessaloniki by the architects S. Georgelis, E. Balasis, M. Mylonas and I. Nikolaidis.

Short CV
Evgenios Balasis holds a diploma in Architecture from the School of Architecture, AUTH (2003) and a master in Techniques & Methods of Spatial Analysis, Planning & Management from the Faculty of Engineering, AUTH (2009). He is a registered architect and a certified planner, experienced on governmental land planning, town planning, industrial zones, housing and urban regeneration projects in Greece, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, and United Arab Emirates, but also designed private houses as a freelancer. As an adjunct lecturer (2016-2019), taught Land Planning and Environmental Design in Real Estate Valuation and Development programme - NUP, Cyprus. He is awarded in architectural competitions related to public space, participated in research projects, and presented papers regarding spatial planning, urban policies, public spaces and urban diffusion. His works have been published in proceeding volumes and scientific journals. Evgenios is currently freelancing as an architect and real estate consultant in Thessaloniki, Greece.