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Lecture by Maria Vidali: The sacred, man and its landscape: Symbols of life and death in the landscape of Tinos

The sacred, man and its landscape: Symbols of life and death in the landscape of Tinos.
Maria Vidali

20/3/23 14:00 room Γ

The outlying chapel created another place, a threshold between death and rebirth revived not only as the commemoration of a drama in historic time, the death and resurrection of Christ, but also as a commemoration and drama in the life of particular human beings, as part of the human continuum. The inhabitants of the village, as part of their temporality revive a symbolical topography of death, which at the same time is a topography of regeneration and renewal.

Maria Vidali studied architecture at Portsmouth and Kingston University. She holds an MPhil degree in Ηistory and Philosophy of architecture from Cambridge University and a PhD in architecture and language from the University of Thessaly in Greece. She was a research trainee at McGill University with interest in architecture and narrative. Her re-search work Village and Land, The Outlying Chapels on the Island of Tinos  was pub-lished in Greece in 2009. She has been running her own architectural office since 2007. Since 2017 she has taught at the Drury Centre in Greece, a study-abroad programme of Drury University of Missouri, Hammons School of Architecture, also at the University of Thessaly, School of Architecture. At the moment she is teaching contemporary urbanism at DIKEMES/ CYA, an educational institution in Athens, based in Cambridge, Massachu-setts and landscape architecture at the University of Ioannina.