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Lecture by Prof. Nerantzia Tzortzi: Design with Nature

Lecture by Prof. Nerantzia Tzortzi Associate Professor at SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE URBAN PLANNING CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING, POLITECNICO DI MILANO entitled "Design with Nature. The experience from the DbR (Design by Research) Living (with)in the Wild" on Wednesday March 8, 2023, 18:00, in Hall D of the Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Thessaly.

Ian McHarg professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania in 1969, the father of ecological design, had talked about 'Design with Nature' in his book Design with Nature. Today as relevant as ever we see what elements of design nature teaches us. The lecture will also provide design examples from the Research by Design workshop “Living (with)in the Wild” on the theme 'Living in Nature' as part of the Master's Program Architecture - Built Environment - Interiors.

The lecture is organized within the course ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN ΙV-VI B: Hybrid Ecologies as part of our Erasmus+ educational exchange with Politecnico di Milano.