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Lecture by Margarita Angelidou

Dr. Margarita ANGELIDOU is a project manager and senior scientific expert at Q-PLAN International, Thessaloniki (Greece). By education, she is an architect, urban planner and expert in Smart City policies, strategies and tools. She holds a PhD in "Strategic Planning for the Development of Smart Cities" (2015), conducted at the Urban and Regional Innovation Research Lab URENIO of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, which is internationally accredited for its pioneering research in the intelligent cities domain. Margarita has been involved as a researcher, principal investigator and project manager in the digital, intelligent and smart cities domain since 2007, counting 16international and national projects. She has been awarded over 10 awards and scholarships for scientific excellence, including two individual post-doctoral research grants from the Greek State in the smart city domain (2015-2018). She has published over 50 articles about smart city policies and strategies in international journals, books and conferences. Next to the previous, for the past two years sha has been serving as an expert evaluator on digital transition and user-centric digital governance at the Horizon2020 and Urban Innovative Actions programmes of the European Commission.