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Lecture by Rouli Lykogianni: Genered aspects of everyday in the city

24/11/22 14:00 room Z & Zoom

Life in the city creates spaces where women can experiment in new roles, challenge the natural order, claim new demands, and change ordinary representations and material constraints. In order to explore these changes, we need specific methodological tools that presuppose an approach of the city as both peopled and gendered and it has as priority the experiences and practices of women, the ways in which they contribute to urban development.

In this context, I advocate the everyday as an approach that unveils the gendered aspects of the processes which constitute (parts of) the city. Such a perspective prioritizes the diversity of the urban experience and contributes to understand the mutual constitution of urban space and gender relations. It aims to reflect on the possibilities and limitations of (re)constituting urban life and urban development through the life stories, using the example from a central neighborhood of Athens, Petralona.  
keywords: gender, everyday life, place /space, public/private, local/global, life strategies, everyday practices, Lefebvre

Rouli Lykogianni is Assistant Professor in the department of Urban and Regional Planning of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) where she teaches urban planning and gendered approaches to urban space. Also, she is member of the NTUA research team “Gender and Space”. She has participated in a number of Erasmus intensive Courses on “Geography and Gender” and in seminars and conferences on Space, Inequality and Difference. Recent research interests, publications and papers in Greece and abroad presented in conferences include: the feminist critique of urban analysis, the gender metaphors in architecture and urban planning, and women’s everyday lives in the (neighbourhoods of) city and their roles in the making of the city, and Gendered Aspects of the Everyday (Willey Encyclopedia of Blackwell). Some of her articles are published in the following journals: Urban Studies, Women and Environments, Geographies (greek) and some others constitute chapters of greek books. Recently she involved on following research projects: a) “Interwoven everyday lives and socio-spatial changes/transformations within cities. Migrant and local women in the neighbourhoods of Athens” (Research project NTUA), b) “Development of methodological tools for the comparative research of neighbourhood in the European cities” (National Technical University of Athens) and c) “Urban Intercultural Spaces and Movements”, one of the 8 Work Packages of the EU project “Gender, Migration and Intercultural Interactions in the Mediterranean and South East Europe: an interdisciplinary perspective” (FP7, Panteion University).