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Lecture by Constantinos Marcou: Poetics for the Uncertain

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, at 19:00, during the lesson, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN III-V Η: Resilient Atmospheres for Public Spaces, Constantinos Marcou, architect, writer, and urban designer, will discuss his work attending to representations of the atmosphere of lived space during the design process.

Constantinos Marcou (London, 1988) is a writer, an architect and an urban designer. He studied Architecture at the University of Cyprus, continuing his studies at UCL where he received his Masters Degree in Urban Design. Following his studies, he became an editor for a local architectural magazine in which he wrote his column titled: “Chorographies”. His research projects investigate the complex relationship between architecture and socio‐political reform in the context of emancipatory struggles. During the last years, he has been engaged with several projects, for which he received international awards and recognition. Some of these projects include the Bamiyan Cultural Center Design Competition organized by Unesco, the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Afghanistan, in which he received second prize runner –up, and the "Next Helsinki Competition" in which his project titled: Baltic Tale of Nothingness was shortlisted. He also competed at the “Europan 13” competition with the project: “Grounds for the Common” which was selected as one of the shortlisted entries. More recently he wrote the soon to be published, illustrated story titled: “The Great Island of Replicas” that received an honorable mention at the 2019 Fairytales Competition, organized by Blank Space. In 2020, he was selected as one the twenty‐five fellows for the Future Architecture Platform European program. Marcou participated in various publications. He exhibits and lectures both nationally and internationally.