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Workshop: Luce de Lire in residence- Digital Enclosure and it's Revolutionary Other

Luce de Lire in residence - Workshop

Digital Enclosure and it's Revolutionary Other

our residency is organised as a long-distance liability-residency.

Thursday 14 January 2021 / Event time: 19.00

Following 2 successful and though-provoking seminars in 2020, we would like to invite you to the 3rd session of the workshop ‘Digital Enclosure and its Revolutionary Other’. In this meeting, we will discuss original accumulation of cyberspace through 2 texts by McKenzie Wark.

During the European 14th through 16th century, the great enclosure consisted in the literal fencing in or off of previously commonly used land so as to ensure that it could only ever be used privately from then on. This led to the impoverishment of millions and drove people to move to the cities, where they would sell their labour power. A similar process has been happening in cyber space for about two decades now: platforms are trying to keep you on their vicinity so as to mine your data and force you into subscriptions

In this workshop, we first focus on classical original accumulation and its conjoined manifestations in Europe and its colonies. We then look at its most current formation – the enclosure of the internet – and a possible queer enclosure, namely the industrialization of the libidinal economy in a pink totaliterian picture.

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