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Augmented Reality Workshop with Dr Renate Weissenböck


Workshop titled "Bridging Realities", by invited lecturer architect Dr. Renate Weissenböck, Lecturer at the Department of Architecture at Graz University of Technology, Austria, as part of the course ARCHITECTURAL COMPOSITION III-V: Z: The habitable bridge

Host professor UTH: Ioanna Symeonidou

The seminar will be assisted by Alexandros Efstathiadis, PhD candidate UTH

The seminar is based on material developed by the students during the course ARCHITECTURAL COMPOSITION III-V: Z: The habitable bridge. Therefore, students who either attend the specific course during the current semester or have completed the course in a previous academic year are eligible to participate. Students will use the 3D model of the bridge they have submitted for the course requirements, the basic design tools that will be used are Grasshopper3D and Fologram. The seminar will take place online.


See the poster.