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incubator / performance WAITING ROOM

incubator / performance


PREPARATION: 9-13 January 2012, DArch Volos

PRESENTATION:19 January 2012, 17:00, Thessaloniki, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

Concept: Elina Loukou

Curators and tutors: Ani Krikorian, Elina Loukou, Alkyoni Bouchalaki


During the preparation of the exhibition 'incubator’, we organize a second workshop, with the intention of creating a series of actions (performance), which will open the exhibition/installation of the Department of Architecture at the University of Thessaly, in the frame of the international exhibition 'Architecture and the City in South East Europe’, on Thursday, the 19th of  January at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.

A three-hour workshop will take place daily, during which we will explore the spatial movement of the human body, the latter being in an awaiting state. Issues related to the lack of control, repetition, composition of different population densities in space, tempo and time measurement, will be raised.

The form of the series of actions(performance), which will be presented in public, will be the final result of the above procedure.

The waiting room is an intermediate space where someone coming from somewhere, is waiting to go somewhere else. It is a space increasingly linked to our daily life, the identity of which hasn’t been studied thoroughly.

In a state of awaiting all actions stop. The awaiting subjects are always depended on another person or event. While waiting their behaviour becomes similar. People, who are waiting, are converted into quantities, defined as numbers.

The spacebecomes empty, is filled up and becomes empty again. While awaiting, time expands in a monotonous way.

We will try to describe the waiting room, by performing a state of awaiting: an almost arithmetic sequence of people, their appearance in space being prioritised in order.

We believe that the importance lies in the lack of action, the repetition of movements and the emotional uncertainty deriving from this condition.