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"incubator": DArch participation in the exhibition "Architecture and the City in SE Europe"

the Department of Architecture, School of Engineering, University of Thessaly participates in the exhibition entitled "Architecture and the City in SE Europe" which will be held at Thessaloniki from January 18 to February 26 2012 with the exhibit "incubator, installation and actions".


Ekkolaptirio/ Greek, ek+kolápto, kolápto= to peck, ‘a place for hatching eggs’

Incubator/ Apparatus for hatching eggs by artificial heat

Incubate/ ‘To brood upon, watch jealously’/ ‘to lie in or upon’

Cubicle/ ‘Bedroom’ from cubiculum, ‘to lie down’ from cubare

Cubiclom/ ‘Dormitory sleeping compartment’, sense of ‘any partitioned space’ (library carrel or, later, office work station)

Colaphus/ latin, ‘to punch’, from the greek kolaphos verb kolápto, through the latin word the words ‘coup’ in French, ‘colpo’ in Italian, ‘golpe’ in Spanish, have been generated.

Our incubator is a closed oversized and over lighted box for hatching architectural objects. Its interior can be accessed, physically, only from its bottom/floor or, visually, through peepholes. It can only be opened during performances/actions which are to take place on the opening and closing dates of the exhibition.

Εκκολαπτήριο/Incubatoris a symbolic work based on the idea of artificially driven growth that will attempt to address diverse issues related to a) horizontally structured agglomerations or "crowds", such as urban formations in southeast Europe, b) the influence of the global model for touristic development in the perception and design of space and 3) the current wave of commodification of higher education.

Collective Work:
A ‘crowd’ of more than 200 objects exemplifying the function of the incubator will be placed inside the box. The objects, ‘overpopulating’ the installation, will be the outcome of a workshop on architectural design and performing arts.

All the members of the school, undergraduate and postgraduate students, phd candidates, professors, laboratory and administrative staff are invited to contribute with their work/interpretation of the incubator they live and work in.   

Curators (uth):
Evelyn Gavrilou
Iris Lykourioti
Costis Paniyiris
Lois Papadopoulos
Spyros Papadopoulos

Architecture and the City in SE Europe, []

School of Architecture/ Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Five Museums Movement in Thessaloniki
Goethe Institut

Participating Schools of Architecture from the Cities:
Athens/ Bari/ Belgrade/ Bologna/ Bratislava/ Bucharest/ Budapest/ Chania/ Chisinau/ Cluj-Napoca/ Istanbul/ Izmir/ Ljubljana/ Milano/ Nicosia/ Patra/ Pescara/ Podgorica/ Potenza/ Sarajevo/ Skopje/ Sofia/ Thessaloniki/ Timisoara/ Tirana/ Trieste/ Venice/ Volos/ Wien/ Xanthi/ Zagreb