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Field Trip to Istanbul

The educational trip to the city of Istanbul/Turkey, was realized between the 8th and 11th of December. 45 students participated. The tour into the city include the visit to the area of Sultan Ahmed (AgiaSofia, Blue Mosque, The underground Tank/Kinsterna and a formation of benches between the monuments), a walk towards Eminonu (the jetty in front of the Yeni Chami Mosque, the Egyptian Market (spice market) and the Galata Bridge), a walk through the Isticlal road, a visit to the exhibition “Becoming Istanbul” situated at the old Siniosoglou Building (SALT Beyoglou), the drifting by the Halic Bay, the Ottoman graveyard, the Asian side of Bosporus and a cruise to the Bosporus.

During the tour and the trip there were some short lectures in order to identify the core meaning of concepts such as: the area, the limit, the public square, the crossing, the urban density, the turning point (referring to urban phenomena), the cultural field, history, locality, architecture, topography, horizon, urban identity.