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Maria Topali, “Αt the Greek's Tavern”, A German story of our time

Greesis #9
Maria Topali
“Αt the Greek's Tavern”
A German story of our time
Tuesday 13 December 2011,
Time: 9:00,
Lecture Hall, Department of Architecture, Pedion Areos, Volos

Dinner Space, language and gesture in a contemporary german-speaking narrative for the experience of immigration and intercultural identity, based on the book by Alexandros Stefanidis, «Beim Griechen- Wie mein Vater in unserer Taverne Geschichte schrieb», Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 2010

will follow at the Meat Tavern ‘Yannis’
Address: 4,22nd May st., N. Ionia, Volos

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