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Seminar / Workshop 4: Feminist Practices in the Public Space at the Era of Globalised Technologies

Seminars and Workshops Programme: Feminist Practices in the Public Space at the Era of Globalised Technologies.

Workshop 4: Led by the performer, writer Erica Scourti

Head of Research: Elpida Karaba

Thursday 16 May, Time: 15.00-18.30

Friday 17 May. Time 12.00 -15.30

Centre, Department of Architecture, 1st Floor, Patari Metaptychiakou

On Thursday 16 May and Friday 17May 2019, in the Centre of New Media & Feminist Public Practice, the fourth seminar/workshop of the programme will focus on the Madiated Body.

Seminar: The exuberance of the term new media describes the fact that the term includes a series of developments in technology that are associated with the emergence of a number of practical and theoretical approaches. We undertake an overview of the axes describing the relationship between gender studies and urban studies with new media and the consolidation, especially since the 1990s, of an important field in contemporary practice. Focusing on two broad study areas described a. as 'Art and Technology' or 'media archeology' related to the relationship to more 'traditional' technologies b. as 'the art of new media' linked to the most contemporary technologies: telecommunications, media, digital technology, the internet. The seminar focuses on the body's new media and public space / publicity issues: Real time, interactivity, (physical) body. New technological applications, digital, virtual reality, executive practices and technology, internet, augmented reality give new enlarged dimensions and expressive paths but also have many limitations. This module will examine the vocabulary of the post-human condition in relation to architecture, art and humanities. There will also be an introduction to the term cyborg as a conceptual tool and as a way of considering the social and material development of contemporary social environments.

Workshop: Performer and writer Erica Skourtis will present her work and focus on exercises using

the methods she has developed. Biography and physical inscriptions in performance and the representation of subjectivity. Random archives of engagement and everyday life from Whatsapp to open documents of self-narration and consumption. Sound, Voice and Technology as methodology.