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Student Workshop: My Augmented Sibyl - Divination Mania, In-situ experience and digital oracles of virtual representations

My Augmented Sibyl - Divination Mania
In-situ experience and digital oracles of virtual representations

The workshop proposes the metamorphosis of the in-situ experiences into oneiric future visions. Through observation and collective gathering, the fragmented micro-scenes will predict the future in multiple means:

  • through music, electroacoustic, soundscapes…
  • through choreography, audiovisual…
  • through manipulated images or collage/montages…
  • through augmented digital objects; or even augmented presences… 

Upon the corporeal experience, a dynamic interface in between sensing and creating, we aim to explore multiple possibilities in the interaction of the body with the space-time. Taking as primary input “situationist” routes and exploration of urban, rural and archaeological spaces of Amfissa, as inspiration and analysis, the participants will map new diverse routes of narration and will detect space-times of interest. These geo-localized points will operate like doors towards augmented ecstatic sites, to future visions.

The strategies of the development of the project are:

  • Experimentation with augmented and digital tools, either as communication strategy either as creative design means.
  • Analysis of the space-time of Amfissa, recognizing emblematic sites such as the café where movies of Angelopoulos were filmed. Delineation of the connexion between everyday spaces and sounds and their cultural representations.
  • Rise of art narratives upon the idea of movie story telling as a poetic collective construction.
  • Awareness of the suitability of prophecies: augmented reality regarded as a mirror of our desires, fears and more
  • New innovative languages of art; from sound, audiovisual, images to digital modelling and augmented reality

José Luis Carles, Environmental Ecological Scientist, Composer, Professor at department of Music at University Autonomy of Madrid
Cristina Palmese, Architect, Director of Paisajesensorial
Spyros Papadopoulos, Architect, Professor of Architecture at University of Thessaly, Greece
Helena Mantzari, Linguist
Magdalini Grigoriadou, Architect
Maria Loukou, Artist
Avrokomi Zavitsanou, Architect
Giorgos Kalaouzis, Computer Engineer
Nikos Vamvakas, Sound Engineer

Amfissa, Greece, Saturday, July 14 until Sunday July 22, 2018, 10.00 AM-18.00 PM

Number of participants: up to 20

Registration deadline: July 1, 2018

A certificate of attendance will be given

For more info please visit the Animart site.