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Exhibiting course excerpts: BUILDING STRUCTURES II | FS 2017-2018

Thinking by Modelling: revisiting Frei Otto
March 26-April 26, 2018 | 9.00-21.00 daily
Foyer, Department of Architecture

The exhibition presents the student projects that were the outcome of the 3rd semester course BUILDING STRUCTURES II. This year the focus of the course was the research of Frei Otto (1925-2015), who was the recipient of the 2015 Pritzker Prize. The present theme was inspired from the exhibition "Thinking by Modelling" (5/11/2016 - 19/3/2017 _ ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany), that presented - in more than 200 physical models and 1,000 photos - Frei Otto's research at the Institute for Lightweight Structures (IL) in Stuttgart, Germany.

The student works attempt to simulate Otto's experiments - as those are presented across the IL#25-"Experiment" booklet - by employing similar methods, that is by means of experimentation with physical models. Within this context, a broad spectrum of spatial structures is presented (cable structures, funicular arches, tree-like structures, tensile membranes, pneumatics, geodesics, tensegrities, ...), thus, highlighting the variety of lightweight structures as well as the potential of the physical model as means of inquiry for structural design.

Please visit the on-line exhibition of the course projects.

Instructor: M.Vrontissi, Ass.Professor UTh