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Lecture by Bernard Cuomo

A lecture by Bernard Cuomo will take place on Thursday, 15 March 2018 at 15:00, in the framework of the course AS1310: prêt-à-plier.

About the lecture:

Emphasizing the physiognomy of Thessaloniki's waterfront , the largest and most vital public space in the city, the association "Friends of Nea Paralia" organizes participatory actions and cultural actions, raising citizens' awareness of the use and respect of the public space, creating a platform for cultivation, implementation and dissemination of ideas about the "inhabitation" of the public space. The association, following the 60 actions it has organized, will also organize this year's performance "Nea Paralia – Nea Pasarela", a catwalk performance with the participation of students of fine arts schools, architecture, as well as professionals from the fashion world and individual creators were garments are made exclusively with recyclable materials.