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Exhibition: Post-Industrial Design, An Object in Transition

Objects: A visual narrative

Series of studies on the collections of the Benaki Museum
Since its foundation, The Benaki Museum Shop has acted as a platform for promoting new designers, who research the Museum’s collections, get inspired and subsequently propose and design new objects establishing thus a dialogue between the exhibits and
contemporary life. As part of this dialogue and aiming to support new ideas, the BNM is launching “Object: A visual Narrative” a new series of small exhibitions of upcoming designers. 

An Object in Transition

Projects from the University of Thessaly Students
13 postgraduate students from the Department of Architecture of the University of Thessaly answer a series of questions on the way objects age and the reasons which make them collectible, unique or ordinary. Initially selecting an object from the Museum’s collections, they create a narrative about its use in the past, its place in the present and its imaginary use in the future.