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Exhibiting course excerpts: STRUCTURAL [TRANS]-FORMATIONS | FS 2016-2017

February 10-20 , 2017 | 9.00-21.00 daily
Foyer, Department of Architecture

In a work-in-progress format, the exhibition includes the student works - in physical models solely - that were produced during the exploration process towards the articulation of the structural design concept of an architectural structure based on a specific cultural event.

Challenging the prevailing typological practices, the course discusses structural design issues from a topological perspective.

In a teaching framework, the course consists of a series of exercises/ subsequent readings aiming to extract the concrete or abstract properties of the event and translate them to qualities of the spatial composition or/ and principles of the structural arrangement.

In a research context, the work attempts to approach the structural concept as a design resource and investigate the physical model as a tool for diagrammatic reasoning.

Participants: V.Agatsas, M.Antoniadou, E.Varali, E.Vrouza, A.Giannakoula, K.Golia, A.Delimpasi, E.Diamantouli, M.Karagianni, N.Karagianni, Th.Kranidiotis, D.Lazaridis, S.Lioka, E.Papadouraki, M.Pappa, E.Reppa, Th.Sianou, Chr.Christia

Instructor: M.Vrontissi, Ass.Professor UTh