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Διάλεξη των Εva de Miguel Aleman, Clara San Millán και Laura Currais: on drawing & the power of making

“on drawing & the power of making [για το σχέδιο και την δύναμη του πράττω]” 

τη Δευτέρα 07/06 στις 15:00 στο μάθημα Ειδικά Θέματα Αναπαραστάσεων οι Εva de Miguel Aleman, Clara San Millán και Laura Currais θα μιλήσουν για το σχέδιο και θα σχεδιάσουν μαζί μας.

zoom meeting

Δείτε την αφίσα.

Eva Miguel is a multidisciplinary designer with architectural background living between London, Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney. With over ten years experience working at the intersection of strategy, design and technology she creates businesses, products and experiences used and loved by millions. These include Absolut, Design for London, NSW Government, Mayor of London and a handful of startups in EMEA and APAC. Her biggest achievement: Using design to build a well-lived and joyful life.

Clara San Millán: I am an architect who moved to illustration, narrative and comics fields, driven by my passion for drawing. After a two years stop in Denmark I have been living and working in Zurich for seven years now. In this time, I have developed images for other architects. At the same time, I have also collaborated with editorial projects in Switzerland, UK, Italy and Spain and exhibited my work in Zurich, Luzern, London and Madrid. I edit my own fanzines and comics and I am currently working on a comic book together with a Spanish Editorial house.

Laura Curraisis an architect and creator of Blaurtopías, personal project about illustration, ceramics and silk-screen printing which finds its inspiration in nature, geometry and popular culture. This label combines several Arts & Crafts techniques where drawing, colour, shape and narrative value form the key elements. She belongs to a family with a centenary tradition of teaching and grew up with the motto of studying many different subjects. Her goal in life is to keep learning until being 101.