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Postgraduate Course of Studies in Architectural Design
Department of Architects of the University of Thessaly
Academic Year 2009-2010

The Department of Architectural Engineers, of the University of Thessaly, organizes and operates a Postgraduate Studies’ Program (PSP), entitled “Architectural Design”
The purpose of the Program is the broadening of the field of architecture and design and the investigation of their relation with the theory, the art, the technology of the representations and the technologies of construction. These relations are investigated within a range of scales (the city, the buildings, the subjects, the landscape), and they are based on interdisciplinary perspectives.

The Postgraduate Specialization Diploma in Architectural Design, is awarded upon the completion of a joint program of studies, of a  duration of three semesters, extending from October to December of the next academic year. The purpose of the Postgraduate Program is to offer high level postgraduate studies in Architectural Design. The Program features a modern perception of design that combines theoretical studies with the production of architectural projects, in architectural design workshops.

The Program will adopt periodically specific thematic frameworks  concerning contemporary spatial approaches.  “ Symbioses” will be the research and design framework for the  first period of the Postgraduate Studies Program’s operation.
The term “symbioses” highlights three symbiotic notions: The modern notion of the symbiosis of materials with the digital world, the “symbiotic” perception of architecture, within an environment undergoing a radical crisis, and the need to view habitation as the symbiotic settlement of populations with different cultural, class and racial characteristics.

The Program attempts a complex approach of architectural design as a practice with a technological, an artistic and an anthropological content. The Program is hosted at the facilities of the Department of Architects of the University of Thessaly. The Department’s technical equipment, the University’s library and the especially configured area of the PSD are supplied for the support of the program. “Symbioses” is the only, postgraduate level, Architectural Design Program in Greece and aspires to contribute to the development of architectural research in Greece, in a modern and productive way, and to produce graduates who are particularly competitive within the domestic and international market of architects.

The PSP awards:
a) A Postgraduate Specialization Diploma (PSD) in Architectural Design
b) A Doctorate Diploma (DD) in Architectural Design.